Ty-Juana Flores

Arts Administration

Ty-Juana Flores
Arts Administration


I never thought that I would be an arts administrator but it’s been one of the best creative career moves that I’ve made since leaving the fashion industry. What’s an arts administrator? Basically someone who focuses on business operations within an arts organization. I love facilitating and managing the operations of a first-year program at Berklee College of Music and fulfilling the programs mission. I get to do a variety of different things like budget management, program development, marketing + social media, + many other great responsibilities that contribute to the college’s strategic initiative that include student retention and success.

My favorite part about being an arts administrator is mentoring + advocating for students of color.

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Ty-Juana is the best! If there was an Olympic category for being organized and on top of things, she’d be a gold medalist. Even all the craziness of coordinating a Liberal Arts department couldn’t faze her. If you’re having a problem and she walks in the room, she’s one of those people that naturally makes you think, “Oh, thank God, Ty-Juana’s here. Everything will be ok. She’s got this.
— Julie Russell, Faculty, Berklee College of Music
Ty-Juana has a wonderful personality, layered onto great professionalism. Her intelligence, wit, creativity and work ethic gets the job done. She is a pleasure to work with.
— Dean Goodermote
Ty-Juana Flores is an incredibly smart and talented person. She is able to balance competing priorities with ease. She quickly understands new projects and is highly effective at pulling together diverse and disparate information. Her ability to focus on the needs of each project and deliver on time makes her an excellent collaborative partner. She celebrates different working styles and is able to work with teams both large and small.
— Jeanine Cowen, Faculty, Berklee College of Music