Let me define, desigN, and transform your brand.



My name is Ty-Juana Flores. My Linkedin profile highlights my experiences both as a creative entrepreneur and as an administrative professional at Berklee College of Music but to make a long story short: I AM YOUR CREATIVE SUPPORT! I am a self taught web designer and brand specialist, that gives you everything you need to market your business in a cohesive and memorable way. You are a reflection of your brand, so my goal is to help you get clarity on what your brand represents, so that it can be communicated in a visual way through design, marketing and branding.

I also have a pretty fun social life, an AMAZING mom and 8 year old daughter named Chloè, and super supportive friends (heyyy bestie!). Fun facts: I am obsessed with home decor/beautiful spaces AND I am a "professional" iPhone photographer who loves to take pictures of beautiful cocktails.